Student Leadership is a place where our most invested, involved, and committed students can Grow their faith through developing spiritual practices, invest in relationships with other students who love HSM, and have a major impact on what we do, how we do it, and where we are going. Student Leadership will be significantly involved in leading ministry teams and will be the major avenue through which we are able to meet our goal of being β€œfor youth by youth.” If you would like to be apart student leadership start by reading the commitment sheet below and the application page will be opened to you.

1. View/ Read Commitment form

2. Virtual Signature: I have read and agree with all the lifestyle commitments and mandatory dates outlined in the commitment form. *

3. Fill out & Submit Application online (if you did SL last year- fill out prior SL application)

4. Nolan or Jill will follow up with you to set up an interview!