As an incoming freshman you may experience many fears, as we did. Including, losing old friendships, leaders and the great experience that there is in JHM. HSM is kind of the next stepping stone on your journey through your walk with Jesus. It is basically JHM but with kids that have facial hair. You have the same weekend experience but the lesson is more mature and high school oriented. It’s like getting a new bike but you don't have training wheels anymore. Instead of the leaders holding you up, they are riding with you. They are almost like your peers or they treat you like one.

Because of this, in your freshman year, you will see growth like never before. You are one step closer to becoming a mature, Christ-like adult with real world responsibilities. This can come with stress or excitement, but it’s all about your perspective.

I,  (Brady) was very excited for a new experience and a fresh start.

However, on the other hand Lexy was freaking out because she loved the consistency and the normality of JHM, and she did not want to go through change of transitioning.

But eventually everyone came around because they saw the great things that the leaders in HSM were doing. No matter what perspective you have. HSM has a place for you.

With all the ministry teams, Life Groups and maybe just general events, you are welcome here. And hey, if you're really that scared, this will teach you that sometimes fears can lead to happiness, and you will use this concept throughout your whole life. HSM looks like it's filled with a bunch of mean seniors. But once you talk to those scary people, called upper class men, you discover that they really are great and one of them might even be your best friend. Ministry teams are a great place to expand your comfort zone. They will help you make new friends, serve God, and just have some fun. They also fulfill what God calls us to do, as it says in Galatians 5:13, “You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love.”

Life Groups are a good way to get connected and really grow in your maturity and your faith. And Life Groups will give you 10 new friends that you can see every week and have a Godly relationship with.

Hey, we aren't telling you that you need to do this, or that God needs you to do these things so he can love you - God will always love you as long as you are seeking Him and glorifying Him in the ups and downs.

Moving into HSM doesn't mean that you will lose all your relationships with leaders or students, it simply means that you are adding on to your list of friends. You will still see those other friends, just maybe not as much, but that will be okay once you have all your new friends to hang out with.

After spending 5 minutes of your life reading this blog, we want you to remember one thing…


If you look at HSM in a bad way, or if you’re not welcoming to the change, you will not enjoy HSM. However, if you are curious and welcoming to the inevitable change, you will soon find that you are having loads of fun.


Freshmen (soon to be Sophomores)


FRESHMAN  :: Brady Sahlin

FRESHMAN :: Brady Sahlin