I don’t go to church. And guess what. I cannot stand these phrases: “I’m going to church,” “I went to church,” “I will be going to church on Sunday” as well as anything close to this.

Therefore, I don’t go to church, nor will I ever go to church.

I’ve grown up “going to church” and “inviting my friends to church.” But I have learned over the years that I don’t actually go to church.

And I’m willing to be that neither have you.

Here’s why: Throughout the Bible the Church is never talked about as a building, a location, or a place you go to on Sundays. The Church is a people. It is all followers of Jesus everywhere partnering with God in the healing of our broken world. We are the Church. You don’t “go to church.” You are the church (not you alone, but you along with the greater body of Jesus followers everywhere).

I may just be picky about word choices (and you don’t have to agree with my pickiness over how we use the word “church”). But I believe that Jesus followers do not go to church. Jesus followers are the Church. Church is not something we go to on Sundays. It is who we are everyday of the week. 

And what’s the mission of this people known as the Church? It is this: To partner with God in the healing of the world.

The reality is we live in a broken world. But the story of the Bible is this: God created a good world, but sin enter this good world, and now there is brokenness. God now is on mission to heal this broken world. And He is accomplishing this through His Son Jesus, and He is inviting us, His people, His Church, to join in with the mission of healing this broken world.

As the Church we have a mission, and that mission is to partner with God’s mission in the healing of our world.

We are the Church. We have a mission.

What would that mission be for you? It can be as simple as befriending that student no one talks to, encouraging a friend going through difficult times, or even forgiving someone who has hurt you. Whenever you act in love, justice, and compassion you are participating in that mission of God for the healing of the world.

We are on mission with God together. Because of this we need to consistently gather with fellow followers of King Jesus. Our time together (whether it’s at “church”, or Life Group) is still incredibly important. I’m not saying to use this new understanding of “church” as an excuse to not go to our weekly gathering on Sundays. We need each other as we seek Jesus and participate in His mission of healing that which is broken.

We don’t go to church on Sunday. We are the Church everyday. And everyday we have the opportunity to say “yes” to God in the healing of the world.


Some passages to check out:

Acts 2:42-47

Hebrews 10:23-25

Matthew 16:18

1 Peter 2:9-12

Grace and peace, 

David Beavis

HSM Staff:  David Beavis

HSM Staff: David Beavis