So I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate the idea of climbing up a rope solely for the sake of reaching the top. I can understand climbing a rock wall, a ladder, or even a tree, but climbing a rope just seems miserable. For example…in every movie where a wimpy kid is in gym class there is a scene where they have to climb a long rope that leads to the top of the gymnasium and most of the time they utterly fail.  In fact, one time I tried to climb one of these ropes and I realized just how terrible it was. With every pull I made with my arms, my hands seemed to slip just as far down. So after 3 minutes of trying, I quickly gave up and decided I would leave climbing ropes to the pro…David Beavis. 

Now you might be wondering…what does this have to do at all with the bible, Jesus, God, or anything that remotely has to do with being a Christian. Well, let me tell you. 

The message version of Matthew 5:3 says “Blessed are you when you are at the end of your rope, with less of you there is more of God and his rule.” To me, this verse was incredibly eye opening and telling of how I was struggling to deepen my relationship with Christ. For so long I held so tightly to the rope of control over my life. In fact, I felt like the higher up the rope I climbed the more comfortable and safe I became, when in fact the feeling of control and security that I thought I was receiving came with stress, exhaustion, and business. 

What this verse showed and revealed to me was that I lacked a trust in God and that the difficulty I faced in deepening my relationship with Christ came from my need to be in control. Once I began making a conscious decision to release control I began to place confidence and trust in God. As I placed trust in God and began to give him credit for the peace and safety I felt, my relationship with him deepened like never before. My successes became works of his hands and my failures became opportunities for perseverance and growing trust. With less of me, there became a greater opportunity for God’s glory and power to shine through. 

So ask yourself: What am I holding on to that I shouldn’t be? Do I trust God with both the big and small parts of my life? Do I give God credit for my successes and turn to him in my failures? What does it look like for me to begin to climb down the rope and to eventually even release control of the rope over to God?

God desperately wants for us to trust him; open your hands, hand him the rope, and allow for him to be your safe place, your rock, and in whom you trust. It may just be the greatest decision you make. 

- Nolan Henslick

HSM Staff:  Nolan Henslick

HSM Staff: Nolan Henslick