As I sit here writing this morning, I’m reflecting on a fear I had while talking to Jesus. There are so many exciting events happening all around me, and I love the rush of it all. But what happens when it’s over? What happens when I don’t have something to look forward to? 

Being an “adult,” you are always surrounded by "realistic opportunities," but you still have passions and dreams... So do you settle? Or do you wait patiently for what’s to come?

Something I’ve learned about myself is that I love thinking of things to come - adventures really. I love the opportunities that lay within the unknown. But in seasons where everything “seems” predictable…I get anxious. 

I’ve learned that I’m afraid of getting bored. I’m afraid of losing the rush and excitement of things. 

But why am I so afraid of that? Why am I so afraid of not having anything to look forward to? Better yet, why do I need something that is level 10 exciting to give me happiness?

As I was sharing my fear of boredom with God, I heard Him whisper that “with Him, I am always on an adventure…don’t miss it.” 

You see, I get so caught up in the future and the adventures to come that I forget today has it’s own adventure at hand. But my definition of adventure and God’s definition of adventure are two very different things. 

God desires relationship, while I desire distraction. 

God loves my broken pieces, while I fear imperfection. 

God likes the darkest rooms of my soul, while I’d rather leave the flashlight behind and never go near those rooms. 

God’s adventures shine a light on all that we are…and we need to pick up the flashlight and follow Him. 

There’s a reason why being still is so terrifying to us. Being still is sometimes the scariest adventure that God chooses to take us on. It requires vulnerability, honesty, and patience. 

We often think adventure means swords and bravery and excitement. And they sometimes do. But we forget the most important part of adventure is taking off all of our personal armor, and putting on God’s armor. But before we can put on His armor, He’s got some serious measurements to take. How’s our heart? How’s our soul? How’s our emotional capacity?

God’s not in the business of covering up our brokenness so that we can continue to ignore it. God wants to reveal it, heal it, and redeem all that we once were so that we can be all that we are meant to be

So what adventure is God inviting you on today? What about In this season? 

Be present in today’s adventures so that you are ready to receive all of the adventures to come. 


Erin Vinzon

HSM Staff:  Erin Vinzon

HSM Staff: Erin Vinzon