GROW...On Your Own

What is GROW…On Your Own? & Why?

GROW…On Your Own is a program created for YOU!! (an HSM student) and is meant to help you create and sustain a relationship with Jesus on your OWN! At HSM Sundays we meet in rows, at HSM Lifegroups we meet in circles, but do we know how to sustain our relationship with God on our own?!


1. Study Scripture

2. Prayer

3. Time with God

4. Serve

5. Accountability


Our goal: From freshman year to senior year, you will have the opportunity to develop spiritual disciplines that will sustain, maintain, and further your relationship with God when you graduate HSM. Our hope is that you graduate with an ability and a desire to continue and grow your relationship with God as a passionate, mature, and humble follower of Jesus.


Check out the GOYO Shack at HSM Sunday's to discover new and free resources! Also! Ask your Lifegroup Leader for their bin of resources!

We have everything you need to begin growing your relationship with God on your own! 

If you have any questions! Ask Kyle or Erin! They would love to help you out!

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