Flaw (n.) – an imperfection or weakness; especially one that detracts from the whole or hinders effectiveness

No one wants to be flawed, yet everyone is. Fortunately, the Bible does not shy away from describing the stories of flawed individuals. In these stories, we see obvious flaws, like selfishness and entitlement, and lying and cheating, and less obvious ones like complacency and self-doubt, and arrogance and impatience. Through the lens of these cautionary tales, we see our own flaws, and the beliefs about God (and ourselves) that they reveal.

Viva! is a series of four-week curriculum sets for leading students in small group discussions. Each week in the series is broken down into seven helpful, easy-to-follow sections that surround a particular theme. These seven sections are:

1. Lesson Objective

2. Prep

3. Opening Activity

4. “Say Something Like"

5. Bible Exploration

6. Response

7. Closing Activity

Week 1: The Story of David

Week 2: The Story of Jacob

Week 3: The Story of Gideon

Week 4: The Story of Peter
Source: Download Youth Ministry