We know that choosing curriculum can be tough so we have set aside 6 curriculum that we believe address common issues, questions, and life phases that your students are going through at the beginning of a new year. 


Freshmen : Others

This Five-week Life Group series talks about what would happen if we instilled into our students the habit of serving others and giving generously. This starts with a shift in focus: a shift from a me-focused life, which is all about making lots of money for yourself and serving yourself, to an others-focused life.


Sophomores : Mission

This is a six-week curriculum about our purpose to partner with God in the mission of world renewal.

Who Am I.jpg

Juniors : Who Am I

The goal of this curriculum is to create conversations around students recognizing that their identity is in Christ & that they are beloved children of God.

Sermon on the mount.jpg

Seniors : The Sermon on the mount 

the purpose of this 6 Week Life Group curriculum is to help you and your Life Group to not only make sense this seemingly strange lecture, but also to be radically inspired and transformed by it.

Id ship that.jpg

Just for fun : I'd ship that 

This two-week mini curriculum series is going to dive right into what the Bible has to say about sex, dating, and relationships.